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Hey there – we at Cirrus are so pleased to welcome you to our blog! Are you new to the city, and you’re looking for the best things to do in Seattle? Trust us, we’ve been there! Every neighborhood has its own personality, interests, art, food, style, and much more. Sure, it can be overwhelming at first; but you need only know where to look.

As residents of South Lake Union for a couple years now, we remember the early days of getting used to the neighborhood. In fact, our neighbor, Stratus, is in that position now, so we’re welcoming their residents–and our own, of course–to the neighborhood with a list of recommendations for our favorite places in South Lake Union. Let the countdown begin!

5. Visit the Space Needle.

South Lake Union boasts easy access to Seattle’s famed Space Needle–built for the 1962 World’s Fair–and everything the surrounding Seattle Center area has to offer. From the Armory to the Seattle Children’s Museum, the Pacific Science Center to the Museum of Pop Culture, you can spend days exploring an eclectic variety of places that make Seattle the diverse and fascinating city we love so much.

4. Get a workout in!

Still trying to meet those fitness goals for 2018? We recommend the nearly 6-mile loop up Westlake Ave and around Lake Union. Watch the seaplanes land on the lake, feel the fresh air and buzzy atmosphere of life by the lake, and be sure to watch out for cyclists on the Seattle bike paths that wind around the area. And if you need a little break, just snag a Lime Bike or OFO bike for a different kind of workout.

3. Tour the Amazon Spheres (and pick up some free bananas).

One of the newest additions to our neighborhood, Amazon’s spherical structures sit in the middle of South Lake Union as a fascinating visual spectacle – and an even more intriguing place to walk inside and explore. Built as an eco-friendly workspace for Amazon’s employees, the Spheres feature a variety of plant life in a work environment meant to simulate a jungle or other outdoor workspace that inspires. If you’re an Amazon employee (and hey, living at Cirrus gives you virtually no commute, save for a few steps), you can head upstairs to get work done in the Spheres… but at least the free bananas, located the next street over at the Amazon Community Banana Stand, are welcome to everyone!

2. Take in the view.

The perks of living in a downtown Seattle high-rise include the incredible view we’ve got here in our neighborhood. With Puget Sound and the snow-capped mountains in the distance behind it, not to mention the beautiful Cascades to our west, you can’t beat the breathtaking sights of Seattle you’ll get when you take a friend (and some snacks and drinks) and head on up to the Cirrus rooftop – or the rooftop of our neighbor and friend, Stratus.

1. Explore the best Seattle eats!

Our city is a hub of delicious things to eat… and here in South Lake Union, you don’t have to go far! A plethora of places to eat–both tried-and-true and new to the neighborhood–make the area around Westlake Ave, Denny Way, and the surrounding blocks the place to go for fantastic food. The best way to discover is to explore South Lake Union for yourself. But a few of our favorite food recommendations near us include the breakfast or brunch at Portage Bay Cafe (complete with a pancake toppings bar), Hawaiian-Korean fusion lunch at food-truck-turned-franchise Marination, or a throwback dinner that will make you feel like a kid again at Lunchbox Laboratory. Of course, we’ll be highlighting many more of our favorite food spots in Seattle over the coming months, too. Stay tuned!


There you have it: a beginner’s list to South Lake Union. Welcome to the neighborhood! Now that we here at Cirrus have a blog, the good news is we will be highlighting and counting down all there is to love about South Lake Union and the rest of Seattle in the coming weeks. Our friends next door at Stratus will also be jumping in to join us! And we hope you’ll subscribe, comment, share on our social media pages, and contribute with your recommendations, too. See you around!

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