Windsor Cares: How To “Do Your Part” This Earth Day

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You’ve heard about doing your part to help the environment, and you know Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd… but maybe you’re asking: “What is Earth Day?” We at Cirrus are apart of Windsor Communities, and every year Windsor is proud to take Earth Day seriously at our properties all across the country.

Here in South Lake Union, Earth Day doesn’t seem to be the first thing on everyone’s mind – but when we’re 41 stories up at the Cirrus rooftop Sky Club, and we see the mountains all around us, taking in the view of the Cascades, the Olympics, and the Puget Sound, it is hard to ignore the planet. This April, we at Cirrus present: 3 practical ways to do your part this Earth Day. It’s easier than it sounds.

1. Donate your old electronics.

Windsor Communities proudly supports Earth Day as a key event in our sustainability program. This year, we’re inviting our residents to participate in an e-waste drive by tossing your old electronics you don’t use anymore that are just taking up energy. Rather than throwing them in the garbage, recycle them by donating. Lucky for us, there’s a Goodwill South Lake Union right down Westlake Ave, and you can get a receipt to make your donations a tax write-off!

2. Turn off the lights.

You remember when we did #EarthHour at Cirrus last month? We’re encouraging that to become a lifestyle. Live a greener lifestyle by turning off lights if you’re not using them. Bonus points if you challenge yourself to take an hour or two on Sunday, April 22nd to turn off your lights in celebration of Earth Day.

3. Mind your food intake.

No, we’re not saying to lay off the tacos (besides, we loved those tacos from Cactus here at Cirrus a week or two back!) – but we are reminding you that the US alone wastes somewhere around 37 MILLION tons of food each year by tossing it in the landfill. Be mindful of what you order, what you compost, and what you just don’t need. Also, you know how serious Seattle is about recycling – we take it just as seriously here at Cirrus, so be sure to use the trash and recycling chutes appropriately!

Got other ways you’re celebrating Earth Day in Seattle? Upload your pics to Facebook or Instagram, tag us, and we’ll feature you on our social pages. Do your part this Earth Day – we know we will certainly be doing the same!

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