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As you probably know by now, SoulCycle is finally open! Here at Cirrus, we teamed up with some of our fellow Windsor Communities team members at Stratus, our next-door neighbor, to go for a ride just a few weeks ago in celebration of SoulCycle SLUN’s opening (that’s their abbreviation for South Lake Union, btw). Here are just a few highlights from our time together for this week’s photo blog. 

It was a chilly, early morning… as evidenced by the view outside this window. But the celebratory vibes were still in the air with SoulCycle balloons!

When checking in to SoulCycle, you can reserve a SoulCycle bike ahead of time and even rent the special shoes (they clip into the pedals on the bike) when you show up.

Any excess gear you want to shed? Don't worry, you can store it in a locker before you take a SoulCycle class. Believe us, you'll want to shed as many layers as possible. It gets pretty hot inside the studio where you ride it out!

Cameras aren't allowed inside during the class, but we got a shot of everyone prepping. The room here at the SLUN SoulCycle studio can hold 63 bikes!

The SoulCycle instructor was so encouraging! And after sweating it out, you might need new clothes! Don't worry, you can buy SoulCycle gear online or in the studio after a class.

Dom, Caitlyn, and Kiersten from our Windsor team sure had a great time. Fitness champions, and inspirations to us when it comes to #workoutgoals… and all before 8am!

The abbreviation for the South Lake Union SoulCycle studio is "SLUN" …we think it's gonna catch on, and these balloons prove it. Have you stopped by to book a SoulCycle class yet?

All new riders got a little succulent as a thank you! What a sweet way to celebrate life. Happy biking!

Curious about what all the SoulCycle fuss is about? We encourage you to get into the studio to book a class soon. Now that SoulCycle is open in SLU, and summer is coming, you've got plenty of reasons and opportunities to kick it into high gear. See you in the studio!

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