A Chat With The Founders Of The Collective In South Lake Union

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South Lake Union is home to many types of people, from various different backgrounds, and of numerous diverse interests. What better place to call home in Seattle than the South Lake Union neighborhood? At Cirrus, we’re thankful to live in one of Seattle’s best neighborhoods, and we’re always thankful to see new people move to the community to add to the experience: South Lake Union is a veritable canvas, upon which many colors are being painted! And one of the newest creative voices in the neighborhood is that of The Collective Seattle.  

We had a chance to sit down with Tommy Trause and Alex Mondau, the founders of The Collective, which is being touted as “an urban basecamp for the mind, body + soul.” Tommy and Alex have brought their vision here to South Lake Union, and our chat ran the gamut of everything from what brought about this unique brainchild of theirs (they’ve had it since they were kids), why they chose this neighborhood for their urban clubhouse, and even what they envision for the future of Seattle! Here are a few of our favorite things we learned. 

  • Work areas, creative spaces, a hammock garden, an indoor campfire circle, rock climbing walls, a bar and restaurant, musical instruments, a stage for featured artists and musicians, community involvement, murals, even a library that members contribute to… these are just a few of the things used by The Collective to bring people together within its walls. It really is an inviting place to connect with others.

  • Rather than exclusivity, The Collective is all about including those who wish to learn and connect with people who are both similar to and different than themselves. The hope is that friendships, connections, life experiences, creative projects, and more will thrive in what originates here.

  • The Collective is not meant  to be a “private club,” which “often has the connotation of keeping people out,” say Tommy and Alex. Rather, all backgrounds and ideas and passions are welcome.

  • The space in the collective is intentionally designed. Says Tommy: “We love the idea of bringing together people with very diverse experiences and perspective, and using dynamic space as a catalyst to drive connections through shared passions.”

  • Recognize that rock marker trail in the logo? It’s called a “carin,” and it directly relates to The Collective’s name. A “collective” is something that is greater, stands taller, than just itself on its own. It’s a collaborative invitation to let the sum be greater than its parts. The carin logo symbolizes that exactly.

  • From a geographic standpoint, South Lake Union–or SLU, as we like to call it–is the hub of all the beautiful neighborhoods of Seattle. To capture the heart of the Pacific Northwest and a city like ours, SLU was the logical first choice for The Collective’s location. We can’t wait to become members!

The Collective Seattle is located at 400 Dexter Avenue N, right here in South Lake Union, and we encourage you to make it an extension of your home here at Cirrus: a local hangout for work, play, and community. Haven’t gotten a membership to this awesome “urban basecamp” yet? There’s still time: our friends at The Collective are offering all Cirrus residents (and residents of Stratus, our next-door neighbor and sister Windsor Communities property), the opportunity to tour, enjoy some free coffee from Crest Coffee Bar onsite, and even join for a discounted rate before the doors open wide to everyone later this summer. Will we see you there?

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