Making Their Mark: New Places In South Lake Union

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It’s so cool to live in a neighborhood like South Lake Union, where everything around us is evolving, shifting, growing into something entirely new. Just a few years ago, South Lake Union looked SO much different than how it does today, and we’re grateful to get to be apart of its transformation. When many say that SLU is unrecognizable, the consensus is that it’s a great thing –  we like to think of it as a blank canvas that many voices and industries are taking the time and care to bring their flavor and color. Indeed, a new vibrancy and life is being brought to one of Seattle’s hippest areas.

In this week’s blog, we’re doing a shoutout to a few new places around South Lake Union that are really making their mark in just a short time in the neighborhood. There’s no place like home, and we’re thrilled to welcome these businesses to our home!

1. 2120 Restaurant

We featured 2120 in last week’s blog about our favorite happy hour spots in South Lake Union, and for good reason. This spot on Amazon’s headquarters has been open for less than a year and has quickly made an impression as the upscale-but-relaxed happy hour in SLU to beat!

2. Evoke Coffee Co.

On the opposite end of the day from happy hour is a good morning coffee… and we’re having a hard time parting ways with Evoke, with its cool LA vibes, delicious espresso, and easy-to-work-remotely atmosphere. What can we say? It was love at first sight, and we’re glad Evoke is here to stay!

3. The Collective Seattle

We also featured The Collective in a separate blog where we chatted with the founders. This urban clubhouse boasts incredible workspaces, chill vibes for outdoor enthusiasts and those who spend most of their time on the computer alike, a great menu, rotating entertainment, and a sense of community that extends beyond just the doors of the building at 400 Dexter. When you’re part of The Collective, you’re part of something greater than yourself.

4. Stratus

Our next-door neighbor (and sister property from Windsor Communities) may be the new kid on the block, but they’ve started fitting right in and helped us to create community on our block, only a few short months after opening. Stay tuned for a big St. Jude fundraising event we’re partnering together to host on June 29th.

5. The Amazon Spheres

Yes, only Amazon employees are fortunate enough to get to work in the jungle space that makes up the higher levels of the spheres. But the rest of us can go tour the museum exhibit at the bottom, which details the fascinating history and construction. What a marvel!

Let’s hear it from you: which new places that are popping up around South Lake Union are catching your attention? Have any spots that you’ve been frequenting that are newbies in the neighborhood? One of the beautiful aspects of SLU is that it’s always changing, and we welcome the change!

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