Our Favorite Things: Places In SLU To Watch The Sunset

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When you are at home in the clouds, one thing is for sure: you certainly get an epic view of the sky! That’s the case for us at Cirrus. With 41 stories of beauty, there are some breathtaking views from high above, especially when it comes to sunset. Let’s face it, though the Cascades look beautiful to the east, it’s tough to get up early enough to watch the sunrise over them. But looking west over the Olympics and the Puget Sound? Well, that view is just to die for. And it makes for the most gorgeous, photogenic sunset!

Looking for some romantic spots for sunset in Seattle? Maybe you’re a budding photographer and just want a vista point to catch a few good snaps for the Instagram? Either way, we’ve got some tips for sunset viewing around South Lake Union. Take it from the experts:

  • Arrive early to take in the view. If you’re heading to a public spot, park yourself to get a good view and set up your tripod – might we recommend a time lapse?

  • The Cirrus gym has a great view. Our treadmills even look west so you can take in the gorgeous colors of the sky while earning yourself a good sweat!

  • Kerry Park may not face west, but the way the light hits the city skyline is SO rewarding. This park is an easy 20-minute bike ride from us over to Lower Queen Anne, and the 180-degree view will take your breath away.

  • The Seattle Waterfront is not overrated! Just steps from Pike Place Market, the decks looking over the waterfront make for a beautifully clear (if not too crowded by tourists) view over the Sound.

  • Lake Union sunset viewing is best done on a boat. Believe us, this is definitely the better option than sitting in traffic on the I-5 and looking west from your window.

  • Golden Gardens Park is closer than you think. This spot has a reputation as one of the closest, most accessible beaches to our  area of Seattle. And the mountain views with the sun dipping behind them may bring a tear to your eye amidst the bright orange and pink hues that will blind you. 10 out of 10!

There you have it: all the tips you need to find the perfect spot for viewing the sunset over Seattle. Now get on your way, time is ticking – we only get one of these a day!

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