Our Favorite Things: Dog-Friendly Places Around SLU

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Four-legged friends are beloved members of the family, and how thankful we are to live in a city like Seattle that has so many pet-lovers! Here at Cirrus, we’re always looking for pet-friendly places in South Lake Union. Dog-friendly SLU spots may seem hard to find at first, but like we said, we’re in a city very welcoming of pups out and about (usually on-leash)… and, as such, we’ve made it our mission to compile a few places we love that allow pets, right around our neighborhood! Read on to find out where you can bring your dogs around South Lake Union!

  • LOCAL Public Eatery – This SLU spot boasts a great menu that will probably make your dog’s mouth water too… hope you don’t mind your pup eating from your plate!

  • South Lake Union Saturday Market – A great way to spend a Saturday morning this summer (11am-4pm weekly), or perhaps bring the dogs over for one of the monthly evening solstice night markets (with outdoor movie). Bonus: there are even some pup-centric food trucks at the market!

  • Redhook Brewlab and Optimism Brewing – Yes, both of these are in Capitol Hill, but both are amazing spots with patios welcome to dogs, and the beer is great… plus you and your furry friend will love the walk over, it’s really not that far.

  • Henry’s Tavern SLU – Another classic SLU spot, this chain has earned itself a place on this list for a great track record of customer service to humans and canines alike.

  • Portage Bay Cafe – Come for the welcoming and bustling atmosphere full of pups on a nice day. Stay for the fresh fruit bar and pancakes, of course.

  • Regrade Dog Park – This off-leash park is consistently ranked as one of the most pet-friendly parks in Seattle. You and the doggies are all sure to make tons of new friends here!

  • Barolo Ristorante – There’s nothing like a summer day on the patio with your pets here. The nice atmosphere will be refreshing and relaxing for all parties involved.

  • Denny Park – Walkable, spacious, and full of new friends to be made. Just be sure to clean up after your pets!

While this list may not be comprehensive yet, we’re always adding to it. Have any dog-friendly spots in SLU that we missed? Let us know, and we’ll keep adding to it (and highlighting our favorites on social).

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